Word for the day – risible

Every now and again for some unknown reason I seem to jump over into another parallel universe. This parallel universe always lies close up to the old one and is almost indistinguishable from it. Because the new parallel universe is so similar to the old one it probably takes some time before I am aware of the jump. I usually notice the jump because some change suddenly grabs my attention. Usually the change is a new word I suddenly notice. Sometimes it is a company name that is unfamiliar.

Of course I cannot prove that I have recently jumped over to here from another parallel universe. To you guys that word or company name has always been here. The great adventure of course will be the time I jump into a parallel universe where everything has changed.

I must have recently made a fresh jump because a new word (new to me that is) caught my attention in this sentence:

This would be risible if anti-evolution forces were confined to a lunatic fringe, but they are not.

I found that new word (new to me of course) mentioned in a quote in this blog. The originating newspaper article is here.


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