Books read this year #12

Book: 12
Title: The Naked Sun
Author: Isaac Azimov
Why did you get this book? Inherited it.
Do you like the cover? OK.
Did you enjoy the book? Yes.
Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again? I have read many of Issac Azimov’s Science Fiction books. This was a trip down memory lane since this was one of the first science fiction books I can remember reading as a teenager.
Are you keeping it or passing it on? I am keeping it. A worn copy but what the heck. I never throw away books.
Anything else? This book is the second of the Lije Baley and R. Daneel Olivaw novels. A science fiction mystery novel. Lije Baley is sent from Earth to Solaris where robots outnumber people 20 000 to 1. He has to solve a murder mystery. To do that he has to overcome his fears and prejudices and understand a culture he is totaly unfamiliar with.
Number of pages: 208
Total pages for the year: 3414


10 Responses to Books read this year #12

  1. Catherine Barber says:

    I adore the cover of this version of Naked Sun and wish I could obtain this particular edition.
    Would you have details such as who published it and any ISBN numbers etc so that I could find out where to obtain it?
    Please send any response to:

  2. mph says:

    Hello Catherine

    That version of the book was a Del Ray book published by Ballentine dated 1983.
    ISBN 0-345-31390-9

    I downloaded the rather small image of the cover from here:

  3. Catherine Barber says:

    Thanks for response, mph. It must be a very rare version as I never see it, not even on Amazon or Ebey. It reminds me of childhood memories of Richmond Park – and I just love the looks of Daneel Olivaw!!

  4. mph says:

    I hope I am not disappointing you but the man in the foreground is Lije Baley not R. Daneel Olivaw. I have taken a photograph of my copy of the book so you can see a larger image of the cover.

  5. Catherine Barber says:

    Sorry I didnt’ respond earlier to your message of 4 April 21:32, mph, but that lovely big version of the Naked Sun cover didn’t immediately come out on my computer so I’d assumed that the thumbnail version was all I was going to get and left it at that.

    Luckily I referred back to your message today and – there it was!

    Well I reckon it’s depicted Lije Baley as far more handsome that he was supposed to be and the hair colour is definately Daneel’s as Lije had dark brown hair.

    I guess, as I’ve got a good imagination, that it’ll always be Daneel for me!

  6. observethebanana says:

    I found I have this book on my shelf of books to get around to reading. You say it is the second with Lije Baley and R. Daneel Olivaw. What is the first? Maybe I should read it first? Thanks!

  7. Catherine Barber says:

    The first Lije and Daneel book is ‘The Caves of Steel’, where they first meet.

  8. mph says:

    Thanks for answering Catherine. I have been pretty busy recently so have not had much time to post or reply.

  9. Cornell Leidich says:

    Good recommendation on this article, I’m a old classic vehicle enthusiast

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