19th August 1646 – John Flamsteed born

John Flamsteed the first Astronomer Royal was born in Denby, Derbyshire, England on 19th August 1646.


He is perhaps best known for calculating the solar eclipses of 1666 and 1668 and for the earliest recorded sighting of Uranus in December 1690. Flamsteed did not recognize Uranus for what it was so the credit for discovering Uranus goes to Sir William Herschel on 13th March 1781. As the first Astronomer Royal, Flamsteed laid the foundation stone of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in August 1675.


3 Responses to 19th August 1646 – John Flamsteed born

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  2. […] William Herschel was not the first person to observe Uranus – John Flamsteed beat him to it. But Flamsteed did not recognise Uranus for what it was. The credit for the […]

  3. […] first observed as a star by astrologers during the early 17th century. In 1690, John Flamsteed, an English astronomer, observed Uranus a number of times before concluding the observation as a star. Record shows that […]

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