A day off to visit the past

Today I took a day off work. So did my two daughters. We spent several hours at Eidsvollbygningen. This is one of the most well known buildings in Norway.

A view of the entrance on the West side.

The Eidsvollbygningen is now a museum.

This is the place where the Norwegian Constitution was drafted over a period of six hectic weeks by 112 men before being adopted and subsequently signed and dated on 17th May 1814. These 112 men, elected from all levels of society, declared Norway an independent state, and chose a King to rule it. The Constitution was based on ideas from the US and French Constitutions.

This Constitution, still in force in Norway today, has been subsequently amended (mostly recently in 2006) in order to bring it more in line with the times we live in.

The South West corner.

The South side.

In seven years time Norway will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Constitution.


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