Comet 17/P Holmes part 3

I was out again looking at Comet 17/P Holmes again on the 1st November. Less haze so I could attempt to photograph the comet while its altitude was less than on the previous days attempts. Much easier on the back. Here is the result:

Comet 17/P Holmes

The image was taken with shutter speed of 10 seconds, focal length of 200mm and aperture of F/5.

Star trails are much more pronounced in this image because conditions were better for taking the image.

I am fairly pleased with the result. Remember anyone with a camera that can take an exposure of a few seconds and a tripod it can be mounted on can do just as well as this. I am interested in astronomy but as far as photographing astronomical objects is concerned I am a rank amateur. If you are not interested in photographing comets; at least try to get a look at it through ordinary binoculars.

Check here and here for my earlier attempts to photograph the comet.


3 Responses to Comet 17/P Holmes part 3

  1. Andrew says:

    Good job!!!!.
    Does your camera have manual settings?.

  2. mph says:

    Hello Andrew. Yes I set the exposures manually. It also helps with a remote switch (release cable) to avoid vibrations. On the first two days I could not find the release cable so I covered the opening with a dark hat until the worst vibration died away. I just fired away adjusting the exposure and tweaking the focus until I get something tolerably useful.

  3. Andrew says:

    Hi mph,
    I have been a astrophotographer going on almost 3 years,with a long ways to go to get my techinques down.I would be willing to bet (if your camera allows) that if you bosted your ISO to above a 1000 and took another crack at the comet,you would be extremely surprised at the final result!.Sorry,just thought I could give you a helping hand 🙂 . Feel free to visit my blog at

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