Noctilucent clouds

This last couple of days we have had some fine sunsets with noctilucent clouds.

I am a complete amateur when it comes to photography but I have been itching to get an image of such clouds.

Noctilucent clouds

And here it is.

So what is so interesting about noctilucent clouds?.

First of all they are clouds made of ice crystals that are extremely high up (75-85 km according to wikipedia). They can only be seen around twilight since they are then illuminated from underneath by the Sun that has already set. They are mostly seen from highish latitudes (50-70 degrees – I am at around sixty degrees). They are fairly uncommon.


3 Responses to Noctilucent clouds

  1. Modus says:

    The clouds on this picture seem to be nacreous, not noctilucent.

  2. mph says:

    After checking that out I must say I agree. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. […] Revisited because of my previous (failed) attempt to capture noctilucent clouds. […]

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