Read 2008/6 – Eon

Book: 6
Title: Eon

Author: Greg Bear
Genre: Science Fiction.
Why did you get this book? Because Eon has been on my “to read” list for some time.
Did you enjoy the book? Yes. Hard science fiction is my favorite genre.
Was the author new to you? No. I had previously read The Forge of God and Darwin’s Radio.
Would you read something by this author again? Yes. I am tempted to read the other two books in the Eon series – Eternity and Legacy.
Are you keeping it or passing it on? I am keeping it – when have I ever done otherwise?
Anything else? Earth is visited by a hollowed out asteroid. It turns out the asteriod comes from an alternate future not so different from our own. The astreoid contains seven chambers. The seventh being longer than the whole asteroid – a lot longer. It is a tube that winds its way through space time connecting up to alternate futures. The heroine of the tale is a mathematician who’s specialty is space time continuums.
Number of pages: 503
Total pages for the year: 2360


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