1. August 2008 – Partial Eclipse

I took a half day off work to watch the eclipse. The day had started off completely overcast but cleared up just after first contact. Towards the maximum the sky clouded over again and was completely overcast the rest of the time. I did manage get some images. Those shown here are pretty much the best. Difficult to focus and my cameras optics are not good enough for this kind of stuff really. I used a zoom lens set at 300mm, a tele-extender pushing it to 600mm and mylar film so I wouldn’t fry the digital camera chip or my eyes.

Eclipse 2008 08 01 1054

Eclipse 2008/08/01 10:54


Eclipse 2008/08/01 11:36


Eclipse 2008/08/01 10:37

All in all a fun morning.

Warning: Staring at the Sun with your unprotected eyes for an extended period of time will damage your eyes. Looking at the Sun through pretty much any kind of optical device without a suitable solar filter will damage your eyes. Think eye safety.


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