15th August 1977 – Wow! signal detected

The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has been conducted using radio telescopes for many years now. The Wow! signal was received on the 15th August 1977 by Dr. Jerry R. Ehman on the Big Ear radio telescope of Ohio State University. The signal lasted for 72 seconds and fit all the expected criteria for a signal from outside our solar system. Dr Ehman was so impressed that he wrote “Wow!” beside the printout of the signal hence the name Wow! signal. Many unsuccessful attempts have later been made to re-detect the signal. Its origin remains unknown and open to speculation.

Wow! signal printout

Wow! signal printout

Dr. Ehmans  30th anniversary report recounts the details.


4 Responses to 15th August 1977 – Wow! signal detected

  1. carlos santos says:

    any planet evidence fond in sagitarious, planetary material around the stars, could the wow signal be a setalite placed by a civiliazation arond its planet, or an exploratoy craft like Vogager exploring and while transmiting data to the homeplanet, could that been the Wow signal.

  2. […] SETI received a signal from out of space that could not be identified as part of our solar system. 15th August 1977 – Wow! signal detected Dusty Loft Aug. 15, 1971 – President Nixon instituted a wage and price freeze for 3 months on this day, […]

    • jonothon says:

      if that’s true, it’s a pretty interesting coincidence at the very least. at the very most, it’s a brilliant response by nixon. who knows what would be next.

  3. SuperCalhoon says:

    This signal was a message aimed directly at Elvis Presley requesting his return home, which he duely did the next day after saying goodbye to his friends and ‘family’.
    A reference was made to this in the film ‘Men in Black’.
    Hope this clarifies.

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