Read 2008/15 – Threshold

Book: 15
Title: Threshold (first published as The Beginning Place)

Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Genre: Fantasy
Why did you get this book? I like Le Guins books.
Did you enjoy the book? Yes.
Was the author new to you? No. I have previously read The Wind’s Twelve Quarters, The Telling, The Dispossessed, The Eye of the Heron, Four Ways to Forgiveness and most recently The EarthSea Quartet
Would you read something by this author again? Yes.
Are you keeping it or passing it on? I am keeping it.
Anything else? The tale of two young people’s transition from adolescence to adulthood. Both have dysfunctional families and find escape in a parallel world where time passes more slowly than in reality. The hero Hugh, has recently discovered this strange place where it is always evening. He needs the place as a place to escape from a dull job and a manipulative uncaring mother. The heroine Irene discovered the alternative world several years ago. She has befriended the people who live in a village there, learned their language and basically has grown up there after being “adopted” by a family in the village. She feels possessive about the place and resents the intrusion of Hugh. Lately she has come to realize that all is not well with the village she visits. The people are trapped in the village because they experience an undefinable fear if the try to travel out of the village. Only Irene and Huge are able to travel in and out. Irene reluctantly accepts that she must help Hugh assist the village. In helping the village the two adolescents learn to rely and trust one another and thereby find a way to escape their own confinements in the real world.
Number of pages: 176
Total pages for the year: 4177


One Response to Read 2008/15 – Threshold

  1. Le Guin is one of my favorite authors, but I haven’t read this one.

    Come to think of it, I can’t remember ever hearing any sf/fantasy fans say they DON’T like Le Guin. I think that says a lot about the quality of her work.

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