30th November 1934 – Flying Scotsman 100 mph

From Wikipedia:

On 30 November 1934, running a light test train, 4472 became the first steam locomotive to be officially recorded at 100 mph (160.9 km/h) and earned a place in the Land speed record for railed vehicles; the publicity-conscious LNER made much of the fact.

4472 Flying Scotsman

4472 Flying Scotsman

My fascination with steam locomotives is I think based on the fact that these graceful machines are purely mechanical. They do not need electronic components in order to function. They belong to an age that passed away before even I was born.


One Response to 30th November 1934 – Flying Scotsman 100 mph

  1. Eddie Bond says:

    This is 4472,

    As I remember it at my depot in Doncaster, all though the smoke grime also soot has been cleaned off the brickwork of the depot walls, It was a pretty dirty place when I was there every one of the depot shed roads were full of steam locomotives in various stages of preparation ready to hit the tracks.I was there in the early sixties as a trainee fireman also later as fireman,trainee driver The Scotsman was and always will be my favorite locomotive the Mallard came a close second, I just had to leave when steam locomotives were phased out in the late sixties.

    Regards Eddie Bond.

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