On Comments

Comments are most welcome.

Most appreciated are comments directly related to the post or:

  • that correct factual errors
  • that correct spelling mistakes
  • that correct my grammar

I do however reserve the right to delete comments if I want to.

I will delete comments that:

  • are spam
  • are abusive

3 Responses to On Comments

  1. Catherine Barber says:

    You featured an edition of ‘The Naked Sun’ by Asimov in a June 2007 blog. I left a comment that was really a question before I came to the ‘About Us’ section of Dusty Loft.

    In case you don’t see this question in your former blog, I’ll repeat it here.

    Would you have details such as who published that particular editon that you have, and ISBN number, so I could find out where to obtain it.

    I just love the cover, it’s quite the best I’ve ever seen but it’s obviously quite rare as I can’t find it anywhere.

    Any response can be sent to: kate@catbarber.plus.com.

    Many thanks.

  2. skidoknet says:

    I’ve learned how to be a better person for sure. The desire to grow community is a strong motivator to staying ethical and honest at every turn. 🙂

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