Pulpit Rock

22 July 2008

One of the main places I wanted to visit on the west coast of Norway was Pulpit Rock. This roughly 25 by 25 meter ledge is at the top of a 604 meters cliff looking over Lysefjord. This is one of the most well known tourist attractions in Norway. The walk up to the ledge from the parking place takes about two hours each way.

The first image is of the Pulpit Rock seen from the side.

The second image is of the Pulpit Rock seen from above.

Pulpit Rock

That’s a 600 meter drop from each edge. Understandably most people, including me, were a bit nervous standing
by the edge.


Heddal stave church

21 July 2008

On my way over to the west coast of Norway I stopped off to look at Heddal stave church. Stave churches are medieval wooden churches. This particular one is Norway’s largest stave church. It was built in the beginning of the 13th century. In Norway there are 29 historical stave churches left.

The second picture shows a detail.