On this day

7th January 1610 Galileo observes Jupiter’s moons
12th February 1809 Charles Darwin born
13th March 1781 Uranus discovery announced
14th March 1835 Giovanni Schiaparelli born
6th April 1992 Isaac Azimov died
12th April 1961 Juri Gagarin space flight
17th April 1996 Piet Hein died
14th June 1822 Charles Babbage proposes building computer
30th June 1908 The Tunguska Event
10th August 1675 Royal Observatory, Greenwich founded
28th September 1928 Alexander Flemming discovers penicillin
6th November 1940 Galloping Gertie collapses
30th November 1934 Flying Scotsman 100 mph
10th December 1815 Ada Lovelace born
27th December 1571 Johannes Kepler born

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  1. I am so glad I found your blog.There is so much on there I want to read more.

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