US judge says University can ignore Christian course credits | The Register

16 August 2008

Register reports that the a group of Christians lost their court case against the University of California. Register reports:

A federal judge has told the University of California that when considering applicants, it has the constitutional right to ignore high school course work grounded in the notion that the Bible is infallible.

Register notes that:

One high school course was rejected because its primary text, the Bob Jones University-published United States History for Christian Schools, “failed to adequately teach critical thinking and modern historical analytic methods.”

According to one professor on the UC course review committee, the text “instructs that the Bible is the unerring source for analysis of historical events, attributes historical events to divine providence rather than analyzing human action, evaluates historical figures and their contributions based on their religious motivations or lack thereof and contains inadequate treatment of several major ethnic groups, women, and non-Christian religious groups.”

The comment “failed to adequately teach critical thinking …” is something teachers in many countries could reflect on. We seem to be failing here.

US judge says University can ignore Christian course credits | The Register.